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Kallows is a medical device manufacturer and distributor specializing in the cardiology segment. We provide completely integrated tele medicine solutions with deep software support. Our ECG solutions have world class Analytics and Interpretation from Glasgow University.

We are actively involved in STEM education, and the startup community. We mentor startup founders and provide free services to local universities. We are a key influencer in the Goan startup space. Since our founding in 2007 we are responsible for products that have saved and improved thousands of Indian lives

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Kallows Products

Kallows manufactures and distributes ECG recorders, pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors (including ambulatory), and more. Our ecosystem transmits readings and live ECG recordings via the cloud (i.e. Internet of Things or IoT).   Learn more >


We Are fast

Kallows premier product, the mobmon 12.0 resting ECG recorder can stream a live ECG to your mobile or a Kallows’ remote doctor. Our remote doctors have fast response times, and substantial experience in emergency medicine and cardiology.


remote Diagnosis

Telemedicine is the Key to Kallows’ products. We connect our medical devices to your mobile and PC or to our team of doctors. This gives us remote diagnosis capabilities, which means cutting response times and saving lives.


PC & Mobile Support

Kallows has a complete ecosystem of software and services for mobiles and PCs. A PC-based remote application gets all of your ECGs no matter where you are. Your medical records are automatically pushed to your PC for your analysis and printing of reports.


Cloud Storage

We provide a cloud-based solution for streaming your ECGs. We can provide automatic restore of your medical records if you lose or damage your mobile or PC, or even if you are just moving to a new PC or mobile.

Our focus is services.

Our focus is on our customers, whether you be a luminary hospital, small clinic, or an individual GP. We understand your requirements and provide quality solutions. We are an ISO13485 certified Indian medical device manufacturer for ECG recorders.
Medical Devices

We manufacture and supply portable ECG recorders, pulse oximeters, blood pressure meters, and more. We can provide customization service as per your needs.

Remote Services

We retain doctors on staff to report on ECGs within minutes, or you can configure our system to use your doctors. We also specialize in providing software for hospitals.

EMR Integration

We can provide integration with your current electronic medical records (EMR), or get you started with EMR records produced by the Kallows' ecosystem.

App Development

Apps can be developed as per your requirements for PC's and mobiles. You can use our existing Apps, or get us started on custom software tailored to your application.

Our team.

We understand your requirements and provide quality solutions.
Kevin Kreger

Founder & CEO

Sriram Natarajan

Chief of Innovation

Dr. Rajesh Javherani

Clinical Research Chief

Anish Pednekar

Chief Architect


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“Kallows’ products are unique and have great applicability for cardiology, especially for telemedicine.  I have never seen such good ‘stability’ on remote ECG monitoring, especially with patient movement.”

Dr. Aashish Contractor

Author "The Heart Truth"

Dr. J's Blog

Dr. Rajesh Javherani, our Clinical Research Director, shares his thoughts and findings.

Dr. Rajesh Javherani Explores Remote ECG

Dr. J keeps us up to date on his work with remote patient monitoring, research on new patient monitoring solutions, and provides a good education for those interested in how to read an ECG recording. Learn More >

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