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7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Healthcare

12 Mar 2019 – Technology Review, MIT, Annals of Oncology

Whether it is determining the utility of a new drug compound, diagnosing skin cancer, or predicting depression, a new wave of AI in medical technology is helping doctors help patients all over the world as the AI revolution proceeds at a quickening pace!

Creepy AI Robot is Frightening But Great

Digital Trends (Photo: Gaumard)

This unnervingly lifelike robot kid will actually help train doctors. Go ahead and watch the video. We expect to see him soon in a 'tech gone bad' horror movie.

Doctor Delivers End-of-Life News via Rolling Robot. Family is Devasted.

USA TODAY (Photo: Quintana Family)

A California hospital delivered end-of-life news to a 78-year-old patient via a robotic machine this week, prompting the man's family to go public.

SpaceX Capsule Gets Toasty Before Splashdown. Ahhhh. (Photo: NASA)

SpaceX's Crew Dragon returned to Earth uneventfully sticking a smooth splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean with some sick scorch marks to show one and all.


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  • NASA head says first person on Mars is "likely to be a woman" 12 Mar 2019 09:51 CNN Chances are the first person to land on the planet will be a woman, the head of NASA said recently. Jim Bridenstine was a guest on the science and technology radio show "Science Friday," when he teased that a woman is "likely to be" the …
  • Trump's Plan To Destroy NASA Science Laid Bare In FY2020 Budget - Forbes 12 Mar 2019 08:14 Google A wide-field image of the Tarantula Nebula, taken by Hubble, showcases the remnant of recent, nearby supernova 1987a and its surroundings. Whereas our combined datasets from the past 30+ years have given us hundreds of supernovae out to many billions of …
  • NASA will return to the MOON by 2028 - and this time it plans to stay 12 Mar 2019 10:12 Mirror NASA has announced plans to put humans back on the Moon within the next decade - and this time they will stay and set up a colony. The US space agency said it will begin with a series of small commercial delivery missions to the Moon as early as this year. …

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