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At Kallows we do lots of research. We also support other startups, especially near our headquarters in Goa, India. As a result we end up giving lots of advice about proper research in your product or service space. 

We encourage entrepreneurs to perform their research early and often. We also provide this research portal that you can refer to when you are gathering your research resources.

We have broken down the research tasks into ten steps that we call The 10 Crucial Research Steps For Making a New Product. The 10 steps are broken into two phases: Competitor Research and Product Development Research. as described below.

The 10 Crucial Research Steps For Making a New Product

I. Competitor Research

What will differentiate your product and give you a competitive advantage? What are the details of your competitor’s products? What is their financial condition? Ideally, you will want to answer all of these questions about your competitors.

STEP 1. Who are your top competitors? 
If you don’t know, then do your research. Ask your marketing people, do web searches, and look at who is attending popular industry expos and shows. Collect information about the size of their markets (especially for your products). Ideally, you want number of units sold (or subscribers) and price or amounts paid.

STEP 2. What are their related products?
You can visit their websites and do web searches. You should search for the user’s guide, product specification, and service manual. Make a table having  your competitor’s products along with your own product. The table covers a relevant list of features for comparison. The feature(s) that are a unique competitive advantage should clearly stand out in your table.

STEP 3. What is their financial condition?
You can search new stories, read press releases (e.g. PRNewswire), look for company filings on US SEC, and check with Dunn & Bradstreet / Hoovers (paid service). You should have sales information collected in STEP 1.

STEP 4. What are your competitor’s patents?
This will give you insight into their product. In addition, if the patent is expired or does not apply in your country then you are free to use it. Unfortunately, many new companies do not do effective patent research and find out during patent drafting that their idea is not novel because there is a prior patent or product. Worse yet, the product idea may even conflict with a prior patent (‘infringe’) and the inventor would potentially be subjected to a lawsuit.

You can easily do your own free patent searches. The main resource for patent searches worldwide is Google Patents, which covers most of the world’s patent databases including applications, assignments, etc. The EU is covered by the EPO and worldwide coverage is provided by WIPO . The largest national database is the US PTO. Other countries providing online patent searches are:
Australia Canada China Czech Republic 
Finland France Germany Hungary India 
Ireland Japan Mexico New Zealand Korea 
Romania Singapore Spain Switzerland Thailand.

STEP 5. What is their web presence?
You will search their websites to determine what are the media they use (blogs, video, chat, etc.). This includes the social media they use (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc),  as well as the terms they use to describe their product and website metadata. This will give you an idea how to structure your own website and social media to build your online presence.

II. Product Development

Now you will use the information gathered in competitor research, and gather new more detailed information to improve your product definition and determine the implementation details.

STEP 6. What is your product (feature list)?
You have a table for comparison (from Competitor Research STEP 2). You should have all the features noted for your product offering in order to create a ‘minimal viable product’ as well as additional features that may be optional or stretch goals. What features that you can include in your product will be informed by the patent research you have done in your competitor research. You must make sure you do not infringe your competitor’s patents to prevent any future law suits. Make sure you include the standards that your product has to follow (a big consideration for all medical devices and software).

STEP 7. How does your competitor implement these features?
 If you have access to the competitor’s product you should provide it to your hardware team for a tear down analysis. This type of reverse engineering is legal, just make sure you don’t infringe their patents (see STEP 1 above). If you don’t have access to the product then seek out web pages and videos showing unboxing, reviews, tear downs, and the like. Software engineers, in some cases, can reverse engineer as well, but copying of code may be a violation of the competitor’s copyrights.

STEP 8. How do your competitor’s patents implement the feature(s)?
 Frequently your competitors will describe the inner workings of their hardware and/or software in excessive detail in the patent or patent application. This is a boon for you as the patent (if granted) only offers specific protection for claims and these protections expire after 20 years. Always check to see if the patent has expired or is nearing expiration.

 STEP 9. What is the state of the art for your features? Is it AI, ML, DSP. or…? 
 Unfortunately, even after extensive competitor research, you will not find out how a particular feature is implemented. Fortunately, there is a huge number of resources for online research paper and studies. We usually start our research using Google Scholar as it covers papers and patents:

The modern era of open research was ushered in by SciHub, which is a research sharing site that violates many research paper copyrights. However, many researchers are posting their papers prior to journal publication  at the site arXiv or putting their papers into open journals which are listed by DOAJ (see below).

 You will always need to keep up with new competitors, products, etc. Repeat Steps 1 through 9 as needed (meaning often).


Cornell University’s is a modern phenomenon in open research and is the go-to destination for AI research. 

arXiv has become the primary means of accessing cutting-edge research. Researchers provide free ‘pre-release’ versions of their papers to allowing public access to the newest papers without expensive paywalls.  arXiv covers the most recent developments in AI (machine learning, neural networks and deep learning). Finally, arXiv allows free distribution of papers, and the arXiv API for you to use. Click the search button on the our arXiv search widget to do an ECG search. You’ll be impressed. We were so impressed we built an interface using arXiv Sanity Preserver to search and comment on the latest papers, which we call Paper Stream.

The DOAJ searches 12,670 open access journals with over 3.7 million articles

DOAJ is funded by donations and provides an Open API for anyone to use. The basic search widget shown here works. They also let you embed searches. We do a lot of ECG research so we’ve embedded all of the ECG research papers we found on DOAJ. This search was done by simply using “ECG” as the search term.

ECG Research Papers

A Novel Automatic Detection System for ECG Arrhythmias Using Maximum Margin Clustering with Immune Evolutionary Algorithm
Bohui Zhu, Yongsheng Ding, Kuangrong Hao
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. 2013;2013 DOI 10.1155/2013/453402
Abstract | Full Text
On the Beat Detection Performance in Long-Term ECG Monitoring Scenarios
Francisco-Manuel Melgarejo-Meseguer, Estrella Everss-Villalba, Francisco-Javier Gimeno-Blanes, Manuel Blanco-Velasco, Zaida Molins-Bordallo, José-Antonio Flores-Yepes, José-Luis Rojo-Álvarez, Arcadi García-Alberola
Sensors. 2018;18(5):1387 DOI 10.3390/s18051387
Abstract | Full Text
A low threshold to ECG-gated repeat CTA reduces the risk of false-positive diagnosis of type A dissection in interhospital referrals: a case series study
Kornberger A, Burck I, El Beyrouti H, Halloum N, Beiras-Fernandez A, Vahl CF
Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management. 2018;Volume 14:2019-2027
Abstract | Full Text
Usefulness of ST elevation score by using vector-projected virtual 187-channel ECG for risk stratification in patients with Brugada-type ECG pattern
Shoko Ishikawa, Shinichi Niwano, Jun Kishihara, Ryuta Imaki, Masami Murakami, Yuya Aoyama, Akira Satoh, Hiroe Niwano, Tohru Izumi
Journal of Arrhythmia. 2012;28(4):207-213 DOI 10.1016/j.joa.2011.11.001
Abstract | Full Text
QTc interval prolongation in HIV-infected patients: a case–control study by 24-hour Holter ECG recording
Fiorentini Alessandra, Petrosillo Nicola, Di Stefano Angelo, Cicalini Stefania, Borgognoni Laura, Boumis Evangelo, Tubani Luigi, Chinello Pierangelo
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders. 2012;12(1):124 DOI 10.1186/1471-2261-12-124
Abstract | Full Text
Quantitative assessment of Heart Rate Dynamics during meditation: An ECG based study with Multi-fractality and visibility graph
Anirban eBhaduri, Dipak eGhosh, Dipak eGhosh
Frontiers in Physiology. 2016;7 DOI 10.3389/fphys.2016.00044
Abstract | Full Text
Improving ECG classification accuracy using an ensemble of neural network modules.
Mehrdad Javadi, Reza Ebrahimpour, Atena Sajedin, Soheil Faridi, Shokoufeh Zakernejad
PLoS ONE. 2011;6(10):e24386 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0024386
Abstract | Full Text
Characterization of a Novel Polypyrrole (PPy) Conductive Polymer Coated Patterned Vertical CNT (pvCNT) Dry ECG Electrode
Mohammad Abu-Saude, Bashir I. Morshed
Chemosensors. 2018;6(3):27 DOI 10.3390/chemosensors6030027
Abstract | Full Text
Burned out myocardium in biventricular hypertrophic cardiomyopathy presenting with congestive heart failure: Importance of ECG changes
Christer Backman, Per Lindqvist, Stellan Mörner, Michael Henein
International Cardiovascular Forum Journal. 2014;1(3):159-160
Abstract | Full Text
A novel method for the detection of R-peaks in ECG based on K-Nearest Neighbors and Particle Swarm Optimization
Runnan He, Kuanquan Wang, Qince Li, Yongfeng Yuan, Na Zhao, Yang Liu, Henggui Zhang
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. 2017;2017(1):1-14 DOI 10.1186/s13634-017-0519-3
Abstract | Full Text
The use of noninvasive ECG imaging for examination of a patient with Brugada syndrome
Maria Chaykovskaya, MD, Boris Rudic, MD, Alexey Tsyganov, MD, Elena Zaklyazminskaya, MD, PhD, Marina Yakovleva, MD, PhD, Martin Borggrefe, MD, PhD
HeartRhythm Case Reports. 2015;1(4):260-263 DOI 10.1016/j.hrcr.2015.04.009
Full Text
Importance of the Simultaneous ECG During Routine EEG Recording
Halil ÖNDER, F. İrsel TEZER, Serap SAYGI
Epilepsi. 2013;19(1):19-23 DOI 10.5505/epilepsi.2013.84856
Abstract | Full Text
Effect of MRI on ECG Parameters of Patients
Mojtaba Kianmehr, Shahriar Basiri Moghaddam, Alireza Mahmoudabadi, Zohreh Rezaeinejad
Bali Medical Journal. 2017;6(1):169-172 DOI 10.15562/bmj.v6i1.375
Abstract | Full Text
The application of root mean square electrocardiography (RMS ECG) for the detection of acquired and congenital long QT syndrome.
Robert L Lux, Christopher Todd Sower, Nancy Allen, Susan P Etheridge, Martin Tristani-Firouzi, Elizabeth V Saarel
PLoS ONE. 2014;9(1):e85689 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0085689
Abstract | Full Text
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Prevalence, hypertrophy patterns, and their clinical and ECG findings in a hospital at Qatar
Sherif M Helmy, Gomaa F Maauof, Ahmed A Shaaban, Ahmed M ElMaghraby, Smitha Anilkumar, Abdel Halim H Shawky, Rachel Hajar
Heart Views. 2011;12(4):143-149 DOI 10.4103/1995-705X.90900
Abstract | Full Text
Real-time QRS detection using integrated variance for ECG gated cardiac MRI
Schmidt Marcus, Krug Johannes W., Rose Georg
Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering. 2016;2(1):255-258 DOI 10.1515/cdbme-2016-0057
Abstract | Full Text
Flexible Graphene Electrodes for Prolonged Dynamic ECG Monitoring
Cunguang Lou, Ruikai Li, Zhaopeng Li, Tie Liang, Zihui Wei, Mingtao Run, Xiaobing Yan, Xiuling Liu
Sensors. 2016;16(11):1833 DOI 10.3390/s16111833
Abstract | Full Text
A wavelet-based method for power-line interference removal in ECG signals
Bruno Rodrigues de Oliveira, Marco Aparecido Queiroz Duarte, Caio Cesar Enside de Abreu, Jozue Vieira Filho
Research on Biomedical Engineering. 34(1):73-86 DOI 10.1590/2446-4740.01817
Abstract | Full Text
Pre-Hospital ECG E-Transmission for Patients with Suspected Myocardial Infarction in the Highlands of Scotland
Gordon F. Rushworth, Charlie Bloe, H. Lesley Diack, Rachel Reilly, Calum Murray, Derek Stewart, Stephen J. Leslie
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2014;11(2):2346-2360 DOI 10.3390/ijerph110202346
Abstract | Full Text
Development and Application of Wireless Power Transmission Systems for Wireless ECG Sensors
Jin-Chul Heo, Jiae Park, Sohee Kim, Jeonghon Ku, Jong-Ha Lee
Journal of Sensors. 2018;2018 DOI 10.1155/2018/5831056
Abstract | Full Text
Assessment of the stability of morphological ECG features and their potential for person verification/identification
Matveev Mikhail, Christov Ivaylo, Krasteva Vessela, Bortolan Giovanni, Simov Dimitar, Mudrov Nikolay, Jekova Irena
MATEC Web of Conferences. 2017;125:02004 DOI 10.1051/matecconf/201712502004
Abstract | Full Text
Pseudo-arrhythmic ECG artifact
Satyajeet Singh, Naveen Garg, Aditya Kapoor
Heart Views. 2012;13(3):118-118 DOI 10.4103/1995-705X.102159
Full Text
Long-Term Non-Invasive ECG-Based Risk Stratification of Sudden Cardiac Death: Extended 5-Year Results
Elena Okisheva, Dmitry Tsaregorodtsev, Vitaly Sulimov
International Cardiovascular Forum Journal. 2017;11:23-30 DOI 10.17987/icfj.v11i0.393
Abstract | Full Text
Brugada-like Precordial ST Elevation on ECG by Anterior Mediastinal Infective Mass Lesion
Yuji Nakazato, Takayasu Ohmura, Issei Shimada, Hiroyuki Daida
Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal. 2003;3(3):184-184
Abstract | Full Text
اثر تزریق eCG به همراه PGF2α و GnRH بر عملکرد تولیدمثلی میش های زندی در خارج فصل تولیدمثل
علیرضا حسین زاده اسکی, رضا مسعودی, احمد زارع شحنه, سکینه اسدزاده, عیسی دیرنده, حسن صادقی پناه
Archives of Razi Institute. 2016;71(4):269-279 DOI 10.22034/ari.2016.107512
Abstract | Full Text
Comparison of a Two-Lead, Computerized, Resting ECG Signal Analysis Device, the MultiFunction-CardioGramsm or MCG (a.k.a. 3DMP), to Quantitative Coronary Angiography for the Detection of Relevant Coronary Artery Stenosis (>70%) - A Meta-Analysis of all Published Trials Performed and Analyzed in the US
John E. Strobeck, Joseph T. Shen, Binoy Singh, Kotaro Obunai, Charles Miceli, Howard Sacher, Franz Ritucci, Michael Imhoff
International Journal of Medical Sciences. 2009;6(4):143-155
Abstract | Full Text
QT dispersion on ECG Holter monitoring and risk of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Polyxeni Garyfallidis, Livio Dei Cas, Giosué Mascioli, Raffaele Calabrò, Lucio Santangelo, Antonio Curnis, Elia De Maria
Heart International. 2010;2(1):33-38 DOI 10.4081/hi.2006.33
Abstract | Full Text
ECG lead misplacement: A brief review of limb lead misplacement
Richard Lynch
African Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2014;4(3):130-139 DOI 10.1016/j.afjem.2014.05.006
Abstract | Full Text
Inter-Patient ECG Heartbeat Classification with Temporal VCG Optimized by PSO
Gabriel Garcia, Gladston Moreira, David Menotti, Eduardo Luz
Scientific Reports. 2017;7(1):1-11 DOI 10.1038/s41598-017-09837-3
Abstract | Full Text
Wearable Textile Electrodes for ECG Measurement
Lukas Vojtech, Radoslav Bortel, Marek Neruda, Milos Kozak
Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 2013;11(5):410-414 DOI 10.15598/aeee.v11i5.889
Abstract | Full Text
Wireless ECG and PCG Portable Telemedicine Kit for Rural Areas of Colombia
Miguel Jimeno, Yueng De la Hoz, Juan Wilches
Investigación e Innovación en Ingenierías. 2014;2(2) DOI 10.17081/invinno.2.2.2044
Abstract | Full Text
The ECG made easy for the dental practitioner
U R Anoop, Ramesh, Kavita Verma, Narayanan
Indian Journal of Dental Research. 2014;25(3):386-389 DOI 10.4103/0970-9290.138349
Abstract | Full Text
Application of Wavelet Entropy to Predict Atrial Fibrillation Progression from the Surface ECG
Raúl Alcaraz, José J. Rieta
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. 2012;2012 DOI 10.1155/2012/245213
Abstract | Full Text
Prevalence of Brugada-type ECG pattern and early ventricular repolarization pattern in Tunisian athletes
Ouali S, Ben Salem H, Hammas S, Neffeti E, Remedi F, Mahdhaoui A, Boughzela E, Mankai R
Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine. 2011;2011(default):33-40
Abstract | Full Text
Comparison of the Polar S810i monitor and the ECG for the analysis of heart rate variability in the time and frequency domains
L.C.M. Vanderlei, R.A. Silva, C.M. Pastre, F.M. Azevedo, M.F. Godoy
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. 2008;41(10):854-859
Abstract | Full Text
Power-line Interference Removal from ECG in Case of Power-line Frequency Variations
Todor Stoyanov, Ivan Dotsinsky
Bioautomation. 2008;10(1):88-96
Abstract | Full Text
FPGA-based electrocardiography (ECG) signal analysis system using least-square linear phase finite impulse response (FIR) filter
Mohamed G. Egila, Magdy A. El-Moursy, Adel E. El-Hennawy, Hamed A. El-Simary, Amal Zaki
Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology. 2016;3(3):513-526 DOI 10.1016/j.jesit.2015.07.001
Abstract | Full Text
The use of high resolution ECG and heart rate variability methods in diagnosing of myocardial electrical instability in patients with acute coronary syndrome
A Maha, - Ahmed Elgaili Ahmed, V E Dvornikov, M R Aleksandrova, S Yu Kuznetsova, E V Agafoshina, G G Ivanov
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;0(2):17-28
Abstract | Full Text
Triagem pré-participação com ECG em recrutas militares
Alon Grossman, Alex Prokupetz, Igor Lipchenca
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia. 2013;100(3):269-273 DOI 10.5935/abc.20130064
Abstract | Full Text
Textile Concentric Ring Electrodes for ECG Recording Based on Screen-Printing Technology
José Vicente Lidón-Roger, Gema Prats-Boluda, Yiyao Ye-Lin, Javier Garcia-Casado, Eduardo Garcia-Breijo
Sensors. 2018;18(1):300 DOI 10.3390/s18010300
Abstract | Full Text
Mobile ECG monitoring system prototype and wavelet-based arrhythmia detection
Andrey Kuzmin, Maxim Safronov, Oleg Bodin, Sergey Prokhorov, Anastasya Stolbova
Proceedings of the XXth Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT. 2017;562(21):210-216 DOI 10.23919/FRUCT.2017.8250184
Abstract | Full Text
Portable ECG design and application based on wireless sensor network
Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences. 2016;22(2):78-84
Abstract | Full Text
An ECG-based feature selection and heartbeat classification model using a hybrid heuristic algorithm
Mehdi Ayar, Saeed Sabamoniri
Informatics in Medicine Unlocked. 2018;13:167-175
Abstract | Full Text
A Novel Approach to ECG Classification Based upon Two-Layered HMMs in Body Sensor Networks
Wei Liang, Yinlong Zhang, Jindong Tan, Yang Li
Sensors. 2014;14(4):5994-6011 DOI 10.3390/s140405994
Abstract | Full Text
Utility of the CORD ECG Database in Evaluating ECG Interpretation by Emergency Medicine Residents
Wong, Hubert E, Kazzi, A Antoine, Langdorf, Mark I
Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2002;3(4):59-65
Abstract | Full Text
Extraction of Fetal Heart Rate from Maternal ECG—Non Invasive Approach for Continuous Monitoring during Labor
Tashreque Mohammed Haq, Safkat Arefin, Shamiur Rahman, Tanzilur Rahman
Proceedings. 2018;2(13):1009 DOI 10.3390/proceedings2131009
Abstract | Full Text
Characteristic wave detection in ECG signal using morphological transform
Chan Kap, Sun Yan, Krishnan Shankar
BMC Cardiovascular Disorders. 2005;5(1):28 DOI 10.1186/1471-2261-5-28
Abstract | Full Text
Dyna. 2009;76(159):185-191
Abstract | Full Text
Symptoms that required ECG diagnostics in the ambulatory unit of the city institute for urgent medical care Belgrade
Plazinić Đurđa M., Živanović Slavoljub R.
ABC: časopis urgentne medicine. 2017;17(3):66-70
Abstract | Full Text
A Study on User Recognition Using 2D ECG Image Based on Ensemble Networks for Intelligent Vehicles
Min-Gu Kim, Hoon Ko, Sung Bum Pan
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing. 2019;2019 DOI 10.1155/2019/6458719
Abstract | Full Text
A novel noninvasive surface ECG analysis using interlead QRS dispersion in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy.
Wan-Hsin Hsieh, Chin-Yu Lin, Abigail Louise D Te, Men-Tzung Lo, Cheng-I Wu, Fa-Po Chung, Yi-Chung Chang, Shih-Lin Chang, Chen Lin, Li-Wei Lo, Yu-Feng Hu, Jo-Nan Liao, Yun-Yu Chen, Shih-Jie Jhuo, Sunu Budhi Raharjo, Yenn-Jiang Lin, Shih-Ann Chen
PLoS ONE. 2017;12(8):e0182364 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0182364
Abstract | Full Text
Hyperkalemia on ECG
Bryson Hicks
Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine. 2016;1(2):V7-V8 DOI 10.21980/J8K017
Abstract | Full Text
Bianca Damiani Marques Silva, Roberto Sartori, Thiago Antonio de Souza Nascimento Silva, Déborah Mendes Máximo Cardozo, Marcos Antonio Lemos de Oliveira, Jairo Pereira Neves
Ciência Animal Brasileira. 2010;11(2):417-424
Abstract | Full Text
Computerized two-lead resting ECG analysis for the detection of coronary artery stenosis after coronary revascularization
Eberhard Grube, Andreas Bootsveld, Lutz Buellesfeld, Seyrani Yuecel, Joseph T Shen, Michael Imhoff
International Journal of Medical Sciences. 2008;5(2):50-61
Abstract | Full Text
e-SCP-ECG+ Protocol: An Expansion on SCP-ECG Protocol for Health Telemonitoring—Pilot Implementation
George J. Mandellos, Michael N. Koukias, Ioannis St. Styliadis, Dimitrios K. Lymberopoulos
International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications. 2010;2010 DOI 10.1155/2010/137201
Abstract | Full Text
ST-T Abnormalities on ECG in Relation to Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Yuko Chinushi, MD, Hiroshi Watanabe, MD, Masaomi Chinushi, MD, Yoshifusa Aizawa, MD
Journal of Arrhythmia. 2011;27(3):202-207 DOI 10.1016/S1880-4276(11)80045-1
Abstract | Full Text
Thomas John, Sajan Ahmad Z, Prabha Nini Gupta, Praveen GK, Krishna Kumar B, Rajasekharan VR, Suresh, Deepak Madhu, Sanjeev, Shivaprasad K, A George Koshy, Sunita Vishwanathan
Kerala Heart Journal. 2012;2(2):9-14
Abstract | Full Text
Arrhythmia Classification Based on Multi-Domain Feature Extraction for an ECG Recognition System
Hongqiang Li, Danyang Yuan, Youxi Wang, Dianyin Cui, Lu Cao
Sensors. 2016;16(10):1744 DOI 10.3390/s16101744
Abstract | Full Text
Fault Tolerant Neural Network for ECG Signal Classification Systems
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 2011;11(3):17-24 DOI 10.4316/AECE.2011.03003
Abstract | Full Text
High Resolution of the ECG Signal by Polynomial Approximation
G. Rozinaj, S. Jurko
Radioengineering. 2006;15(1):32-37
Abstract | Full Text
Wavelet-Based Watermarking and Compression for ECG Signals with Verification Evaluation
Kuo-Kun Tseng, Xialong He, Woon-Man Kung, Shuo-Tsung Chen, Minghong Liao, Huang-Nan Huang
Sensors. 2014;14(2):3721-3736 DOI 10.3390/s140203721
Abstract | Full Text
Heart beat detection in noisy ECG signals using statistical analysis of the automatically detected annotations / Širdies dūžių nustatymas iš iškraipytų EKG signalų atliekant automatiškai aptiktų atskaitų statistinę analizę
Andrius Gudiškis
Mokslas: Lietuvos Ateitis. 2015;7(3) DOI 10.3846/mla.2015.787
Abstract | Full Text
Markandeya Rao, Ravindra Kumar, Nanditha
Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare. 2015;2(56): 8877-8885 DOI 10.18410/jebmh/2015/1248
Abstract | Full Text
Relationship between Corrected-QT Intervals and Other ECG Characteristics with Methadone Dose in Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Patients and Healthy Subjects: A Case- Control Study
Mina Akbari Rad, Abdollah Firoozi, Fatemeh Akbarirad, Mahdi Hassanzade Daloee, Shokoofeh Bonakdaran
Razavi International Journal of Medicine. 2017;5(2) DOI 10.5812/rijm.13642
Abstract | Full Text
M.M. Khomich
Voprosy Sovremennoj Pediatrii. 2006;5(2):17-19
Abstract | Full Text
A Novel Technique for Fetal ECG Extraction Using Single-Channel Abdominal Recording
Nannan Zhang, Jinyong Zhang, Hui Li, Omisore Olatunji Mumini, Oluwarotimi Williams Samuel, Kamen Ivanov, Lei Wang
Sensors. 2017;17(3):457 DOI 10.3390/s17030457
Abstract | Full Text
ECG Sensor Verification System with Mean-Interval Algorithm for Handling Sport Issue
Kuo-Kun Tseng, Fufu Zeng, W. H. Ip, C. H. Wu
Journal of Sensors. 2016;2016 DOI 10.1155/2016/1814264
Abstract | Full Text
Adaptive Integration of the Compressed Algorithm of CS and NPC for the ECG Signal Compressed Algorithm in VLSI Implementation
Yun-Hua Tseng, Yuan-Ho Chen, Chih-Wen Lu
Sensors. 2017;17(10):2288 DOI 10.3390/s17102288
Abstract | Full Text
Dynamic conduction and repolarisation changes in early arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy versus benign outflow tract ectopy demonstrated by high density mapping & paced surface ECG analysis.
Malcolm C Finlay, Akbar K Ahmed, Alan Sugrue, Justine Bhar-Amato, Giovanni Quarta, Antonis Pantazis, Edward J Ciaccio, Petros Syrris, Srijita Sen-Chowdhry, Ron Ben-Simon, Anthony W Chow, Martin D Lowe, Oliver R Segal, William J McKenna, Pier D Lambiase
PLoS ONE. 2014;9(7):e99125 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0099125
Abstract | Full Text
The use of high resolution ECG and Heart rate variability methods in diagnosing of myocardial electrical instability in patients with acute coronary syndrome
M Maha, - Ahmed Elgaili Ahmed, V E Dvornikov, M R Aleksandrova, S Yu Kuznetsova, E V Agafoshina, G G Ivanov
RUDN Journal of Medicine. 2011;0(4):48-57
Abstract | Full Text
A Novel 12-Lead ECG T-Shirt with Active Electrodes
Anna Boehm, Xinchi Yu, Wilko Neu, Steffen Leonhardt, Daniel Teichmann
Electronics. 2016;5(4):75 DOI 10.3390/electronics5040075
Abstract | Full Text
Analysis and classification of ECG-waves and rhythms using circular statistics and vector strength
Janßen Jan-Dirk, Schanze Thomas
Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering. 2017;3(2):91-94 DOI 10.1515/cdbme-2017-0020
Abstract | Full Text
Graphite Based Electrode for ECG Monitoring: Evaluation under Freshwater and Saltwater Conditions
Tharoeun Thap, Kwon-Ha Yoon, Jinseok Lee
Sensors. 2016;16(4):542 DOI 10.3390/s16040542
Abstract | Full Text
ECG changes in patients on chronic psychotropic medication
M Y H Moosa, F Y Jeenah, C Mouton
South African Journal of Psychiatry. 2006;12(3) DOI 10.4102/sajpsychiatry.v12i3.65
Abstract | Full Text
Improved R-wave detection for enhanced cardiac Gating using an MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG and multi-channel analysis
Stevenson William, Kwong Raymond, Kacher Daniel, Jerosch-Herold Michael, Clifford Gari, Dumoulin Charles L, Tse Zion Tsz, Schmidt Ehud
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. 2011;13(Suppl 1):P3 DOI 10.1186/1532-429X-13-S1-P3
Full Text
Robust and Accurate Anomaly Detection in ECG Artifacts Using Time Series Motif Discovery
Haemwaan Sivaraks, Chotirat Ann Ratanamahatana
Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine. 2015;2015 DOI 10.1155/2015/453214
Abstract | Full Text
Independent component analysis and decision trees for ECG holter recording de-noising.
Jakub Kuzilek, Vaclav Kremen, Filip Soucek, Lenka Lhotska
PLoS ONE. 2014;9(6):e98450 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0098450
Abstract | Full Text
Use of reduced doses of eCG applied by different routes in the TAI program in Santa Ines sheep
Karla Dias Antunes-Melo , Veronaldo Souza de Oliveira , Anselmo Domingos Ferreira Santos , Claudio Alvarenga de Oliveira , Lícia Mendes Mendonça, Julianne Santiago Silva Goveia , Thiago Santos Almeida
Semina: Ciências Agrárias. 2015;36(3):1347-1354 DOI 10.5433/1679-0359.2015v36n3p1347
Abstract | Full Text
ECG response of koalas to tourists proximity: a preliminary study.
Yan Ropert-Coudert, Lisa Brooks, Maki Yamamoto, Akiko Kato
PLoS ONE. 2009;4(10):e7378 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0007378
Abstract | Full Text
A proposal of clinical ECG index “vagal score” for determining the mechanism of paroxysmal atrioventricular block
Sayaka Komatsu, MD, Masataka Sumiyoshi, MD, Seiji Miura, MD, Yuki Kimura, MD, Tomoyuki Shiozawa, MD, Keiko Hirano, MD, Fuminori Odagiri, MD, Haruna Tabuchi, MD, Hidemori Hayashi, MD, Gaku Sekita, MD, Takashi Tokano, MD, Yuji Nakazato, MD, Hiroyuki Daida, MD
Journal of Arrhythmia. 2017;33(3):208-213 DOI 10.1016/j.joa.2016.10.004
Abstract | Full Text
Reciprocal ECG change in ST-elevation myocardial infarction is associated with area at risk and myocardial salvage following revascularization
Kidambi Ananth, Mather Adam N, Uddin Akhlaque, Motwani Manish, Ripley David P, Herzog Bernhard A, Gunn Julian, Plein Sven, Greenwood John P
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. 2013;15(Suppl 1):P172 DOI 10.1186/1532-429X-15-S1-P172
Full Text
Hemodynamic, ventilator, and ECG changes in pediatric patients undergoing extraction
Y K Sanadhya, S Sanadhya, S Jalihal, R Nagarajappa, G Ramesh, M Tak
Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry. 2013;31(1):10-16 DOI 10.4103/0970-4388.112393
Abstract | Full Text
A model presented for classification ECG signals base on Case-Based Reasoning
Elaheh Sayari, Mahdi Yaghoobi
Journal of Soft Computing and Applications. 2013;2013:1-9 DOI 10.5899/2013/jsca-00020
Abstract | Full Text
Isolated T Wave Inversion in Lead aVL: An ECG Survey and a Case Report
Getaw Worku Hassen, Ana Costea, Claire Carrazco, Tsion Frew, Anand Swaminathan, Jason Feliberti, Roger Chirurgi, Tennyson Smith, Alice Chen, Sarah Thompson, Neola Gushway-Henry, Bonnie Simmons, George Fernaine, Hossein Kalantari, Soheila Talebi
Emergency Medicine International. 2015;2015 DOI 10.1155/2015/250614
Abstract | Full Text
Prospective ECG-triggered coronary CT angiography: clinical value of noise-based tube current reduction method with iterative reconstruction.
Junlin Shen, Xiangying Du, Daode Guo, Lizhen Cao, Yan Gao, Qi Yang, Pengyu Li, Jiabin Liu, Kuncheng Li
PLoS ONE. 2013;8(5):e65025 DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0065025
Abstract | Full Text
Continuous and Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring Based on ECG and SpO2 Signals By Using Microsoft Visual C Sharp
Younessi Heravi M. A., Khalilzadeh M. A., Joharinia S.
Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering. 2014;4(1):27-32
Abstract | Full Text
A Hybrid Textile Electrode for Electrocardiogram (ECG) Measurement and Motion Tracking
Xiang An, George K. Stylios
Materials. 2018;11(10):1887 DOI 10.3390/ma11101887
Abstract | Full Text
Elevated LV Mass and LV Mass Index Sign on the Athlete’s ECG: Athletes’ Hearts are Prone to Ventricular Arrhythmia
Mücahid Yılmaz, Hidayet Kayançiçek
Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2018;7(6):122 DOI 10.3390/jcm7060122
Abstract | Full Text
A Case of Isolated Left Ventricular Noncompaction with Basal ECG-Tracing Strongly Suggestive for Type-2 Brugada Syndrome
Maria Banci, Roberta Martinoli, Alessandro Dofcaci, Stefano Piccirilli, Federica Papetti, Ilaria Sansoni, Patrizia Saccucci
Cardiology Research and Practice. 2011;2011 DOI 10.4061/2011/201962
Abstract | Full Text
Efficient Fiducial Point Detection of ECG QRS Complex Based on Polygonal Approximation
Seungmin Lee, Yoosoo Jeong, Daejin Park, Byoung-Ju Yun, Kil Houm Park
Sensors. 2018;18(12):4502 DOI 10.3390/s18124502
Abstract | Full Text

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